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Our Spearmint flavor is a fresh mint chewing gum that brings back a whole lot of amazing childhood memories.

With the crispness of spearmint it makes for the perfect all day vape for when you're on the move, or even sitting behind the desk while getting some work done.

Did you know?

Wicked Wicks Spearmint is specially formulated by our mixologists to not only impress you more and more with each puff, but it also has some unique qualities. 

Our spearmint works like a charm to get rid of the most awful vaper's tongue*, by using its minty-magic to give your olfactory system a quick refresh. 

Whether you're an ex-smoker struggling to get the taste out of anything, or an enthusiast vaper looking for something different and refreshing, our spearmint is will satisfy your every need!

70/30 VG/PG