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Nasty Bar DR20Ki 20000 Puff

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Nasty Bar 20000 XL Disposable Vape

Experience the innovative Nasty Bar XL DR20Ki from Nasty. This disposable device features a dynamic animated screen, making it stand out from the crowd. It offers a personalized vaping experience with its 3-mode control system and captivating animations. Select between ECO, Normal, and Turbo modes to match your preferences. Customize the draw resistance for a tailored hit. Enjoy the convenience of 17ml of e-liquid and a 5% nicotine salt concentration. The built-in 700mAh battery is rechargeable via a Type-C port for uninterrupted use. With up to 20,000 puffs in ECO mode, you can indulge in long-lasting satisfaction. The Normal mode of the Nasty Bar XL DR20Ki provides 10,000 puffs with a perfect blend of smooth flavor. Its Turbo mode also offers 10,000 puffs but with a more intense flavor hit. Moreover, the device includes an airflow control switch for adjusting from a strong delivery to a softer draw. 

Prepare for exceptional flavor and vapor production with each puff, while keeping track of your device's status in real-time through a display screen showing battery and E-juice capacity.

Nasty Bar XL Features:

  • Integrated 700mAh Battery
  • Charging Port: Type-C
  • Double Coil
  • Animated Motion Screen
  • Dynamic Control
  • Puffs: Eco: 20K, Normal: 15K, Turbo: 10K
  • Nicotine Salt: 5%
  • Prefilled E-Liquid Capacity : 17ML
  • Liquid, Battery & Draw Indicator
  • Airflow Control

Package Content of XL DR20Ki:

  • One Nasty Bar XL DR20Ki Disposable (20000 Puffs)

Flavor Profile Nasty Bar 20000 XL:

  • Arctic Mint: A refreshing menthol flavor. 
  • Creamy Coconut: A tropical blend of creamy coconut. 
  • Cushman Mango Banana: A mix of ripe mangoes and creamy bananas. 
  • Dragonfruit Lemonade: A fusion of tangy lemonade and sweet dragon fruit. 
  • Melon Milkshake: A combination of melon taste and a rich milkshake. 
  • Raspberry Twist: A mix of sweet and tart raspberries. 
  • Sour Apple Blast: A fresh and crisp green apple flavor. 
  • Strawberry Lemon Ice: A blend of fresh strawberries, zesty lemons, and menthol. 
  • Slow Blow: A menthol flavor with a sweet undertone. 
  • Strawberry Pear Cooler: Fresh strawberries, juicy pear, and a hint of icy menthol. 
  • Sweet Tobacco: The classic taste of tobacco. 
  • Tangy Apple Splash: A crispy green apple flavor with a tart finish. 
  • Tropical Cherry: A tropical fusion of sweet and juicy cherries.